Strand Therapeutics

Shortening mRNA process development cycles to build curative treatments for life-threatening diseases

Strand Therapeutics stands at the forefront of mRNA therapeutics — they've created the world’s first platform for mRNA smart therapies using their own mRNA programming language. Strand Tx’s long-acting mRNA therapeutics may deliver curative treatments for cancer and other life-threatening diseases. 

Their unique methodology involves encoding mRNA with sophisticated logic circuits, minimizing off-target effects in healthy cells while selectively expressing therapeutic proteins within disease cells. Strand Therapeutics has reached a significant milestone with recent FDA clearance on their IND application for STX-001, a ground-breaking multi-mechanistic synthetic self-replicating mRNA technology to treat solid tumors.

To enhance data capture and standardization, particularly within their Process Development group, Strand transitioned from spreadsheets to Benchling, a comprehensive solution that facilitated a unified data model, one that maintains links between process and analytical data and eliminates data silos. On Benchling, Strand was able to shorten process development cycles by harnessing data at scale, running high-throughput experiments on a centralized platform.

With automation in Benchling, they’ve improved data integrity, saved time, and reduced costs. Through Strand Tx’s commitment to innovation, they've seen significant success with Benchling and are powering groundbreaking initiatives, such as their recent IND clearance for the Phase 1 trial of STX-001.

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