Driving faster seed and agricultural development at a global scale

Make data an advantage for Syngenta by building a truly global data infrastructure to deliver new seeds and products that fit the needs of growers over a faster timescale.

Syngenta is an innovation powerhouse in seeds and agricultural products, with teams in over 90 countries. Their R&D focuses on designing seeds with desirable genetics that require fewer inputs—land, water, pesticides, nutrients— while producing great outputs. Growers depend on Syngenta for hardier, higher quality crops as geographies of fungal and bacterial diseases shift, climates fluctuate to more extremes, and the demand to feed the global population grows.



improvement in ease of finding legacy data or protocols


improvement in ease of sharing data across global teams


of users agreed that Benchling has helped improve the quality of data capture


Balancing customization and standardization

Syngenta wanted standardized data for cross-company analysis, but each department had its own preferences and needs for recording and recalling data.

Collaboration across the globe

Handoffs between different geographies, languages, time zones, and areas of expertise while using paper records led to bottlenecks.

Managing many regulatory requirements

Different countries maintain complex, shifting regulatory requirements around product safety that all need to be met.

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