Accelerating synthetic biology with fully unified informatics

Pioneering a novel class of living medicines

Synlogic is creating a novel class of living medicines. By genetically altering non-pathogenic bacteria found naturally in the human gut, Synlogic’s medicines perform specific functions within the microbiome. Therapeutic synthesis can occur within the microbiome itself, without radically changing the human microbiota.


Inefficient process optimization due to rigid software systems

Legacy software couldn’t keep pace with Synlogic’s need for rapid process iteration, putting the onus on scientists to manage manual data entry across disparate systems.

Conducting analyses on data scattered across digital tools

Disparate systems of record for fermentation data hindered analysis and reporting, delaying critical business decisions.

Finding the right data across siloed systems

Without a central place to store the data produced by their bioreactors, scientists spent significant time tracking people down and sending emails.


One-click solution for fermentation

After completing a reactor run, Synlogic's data is automatically uploaded and structured in Benchling and tied to its relevant experimental workflow.

Automated visualizations

By leveraging the Benchling API, Synlogic automatically generates visualizations of their fermentation data. With these visualizations, they can track fermentation trends over time of individual and multiple fermentations.

Centralized fermentation requests

Synlogic's core platform development team runs fermentations for the rest of the organization. With Benchling, requesters see progress in real-time and can directly access and visualize their results the instant the data is compiled.

Powering breakthroughs for over 1,200 biotechnology companies, from startups to Fortune 500s

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