Bringing a gene therapy pioneer from paper to the cloud

A global leader in gene therapy

Having originated the first approved gene therapy in 2012, uniQure is a leading pioneer in the field. By leveraging their modular and validated technology platform, uniQure is rapidly advancing a pipeline of AAV-based gene therapies to treat patients with hemophilia, Huntington’s disease, and other severe genetic diseases.


Difficulty tracking experiments with paper documentation

Paper-based workflows made it difficult to track results and streamline experiment execution.

Sharing data and collaborating across international sites

As an international company with worksites in Amsterdam and Lexington, MA, uniQure found it challenging to share data and collaborate across research sites.

Difficulty assessing experiment quality

A lack of standardized Notebook templates led to nonstandard experimental workflows and impeded quality control.


End-to-end tracking for gene therapy workflows

Benchling automatically creates a complete history of every experiment. Scientists can track from vectors, to tissue samples, to viral batches and experimental results.

International collaboration — even while working remotely

Having a digital system enables internationally distributed researchers to collaborate and discover data much more easily – even when working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Improved efficiency and enthusiastic adoption

Benchling Notebook templates massively improve scientist efficiency. 100% of the scientists licensed to use Benchling use the Notebook every day.

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