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Integrate any instrument, database, or piece of software with Benchling.
Power IT innovation with easy-to-use developer tools

Benchling’s industry-leading Developer Platform is built to match the flexibility and speed of modern life science R&D. Our rest APIs, Events, and Data Warehouse work together to provide a rich platform for extending and integrating Benchling into your digital ecosystem. We’ve worked with dozens of companies to integrate instruments, software, and databases of all types directly with the Benchling platform. Standardize and centralize your data to enable automation of your R&D processes.

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Integrate any instrument

  • Plate readers and FACS machines
  • Bioreactors
  • qPCR machines and DNA sequencing machines
  • Materials testing machines, such as DMA machines, Zwick machines, and light microscopes
  • Barcode scanners and printers

Integrate any software or database

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    Analytics tools

    Connect analysis tools, like Spotfire, Tableau, R, or Python, at the SQL level through Benchling's warehouse or through REST APIs. Create dashboards and conduct analyses that were previously never possible.

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    Standalone informatics tools

    Integrate other informatics software with Benchling to automatically pull in your data and keep it in sync.

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    Custom software

    Directly integrate custom software, such as proprietary sequence analysis software or proprietary CRISPR gRNA scoring software, into Benchling.

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    External databases

    Clients who want to back up their Benchling data onto other systems have connected Benchling to their own Amazon S3 buckets and other systems of record.

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