Bridge the gap between learning science and doing it

Benchling offers a free, virtual solution for biology teachers and students.

Benchling offers a one-of-a-kind virtual learning experience

Teach students through practice

Engage your students with thought-provoking exercises and challenge them to think critically. Having students practice what they’ve learned can be more effective than traditional lectures or textbook readings.

Ideal for remote teaching and distance learning

Benchling gives students the flexibility to finish tasks on their own time which is great for asynchronous learning. You can use it to deliver an online course or enhance in-person lab classes. Integrate pre-lab exercises or post-lab analyses seamlessly within an electronic lab notebook (ELN).

Prepare students for scientific careers

More and more researchers across academia and industry use ELNs and biology design software to carry out experiments. Have students experience how modern research labs operate while learning transferable skills.

Teach these molecular biology concepts with Benchling

Integrate these tools into your course

Join over 200,000 scientists using Benchling to power their biotech R&D

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