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Bridge the gap between learning science and doing it

Benchling offers a free, virtual solution for biology teachers and students.

Benchling offers a one-of-a-kind virtual learning experience

Benchling is an intuitive, software solution used by researchers across academia and industry to accelerate life science innovation.

By incorporating Benchling into your biology curriculum, you offer students a unique opportunity to simulate how biology research is done in modern laboratories. Help your students develop skills that will be relevant to any scientific career.

  • Teach students
    through practice

    Engage your students with thought-provoking exercises and challenge them to think critically. Having students practice what they’ve learned can be more effective than traditional lectures or textbook readings.
  • Ideal for remote teaching and distance learning

    Benchling gives students the flexibility to finish tasks on their own time which is great for asynchronous learning. You can use it to deliver an online course or enhance in-person lab classes. Integrate pre-lab exercises or post-lab analyses seamlessly within an electronic lab notebook (ELN).
  • Prepare students for scientific careers

    More and more researchers across academia and industry use ELNs and biology design software to carry out experiments. Have students experience how modern research labs operate while learning transferable skills.

Teach these molecular biology concepts with Benchling

Explore these self-serve molecular biology lessons that can be shared directly with your students. Each lesson is structured to provide background for biology learners of all levels and include tutorials and exercises on Benchling to simulate each concept. Try these out with your class today!

Integrate these tools into your course

  • Notebook
    Teach students the power of a modern lab notebook. Centralize students’ coursework and materials by uploading spreadsheets, image files, sequences, protocols, and more. Track your students’ progress with timestamps and version histories. Students can also easily share entries with others and export any notebook entry as a PDF.
    Learn more.
  • Molecular Biology
    Molecular Biology
    Show students how scientists visualize and design DNA and protein sequences with cutting-edge software. With over 10+ tools on a single interface, you can explain fundamental concepts – from restriction enzymes to molecular cloning – and have students demonstrate their comprehension in practice. Task students to design sequences, link them in notebook entries, and share them with you for feedback. Learn more.
  • Organizations
    Arrange your course materials on different Organizations on Benchling and ensure access is only given to students in your course. Teachers can create multiple Organizations for different courses they instruct while students can join any number of Organizations based on their course load.
  • Templates
    Standardize assignments and lab notebook formats with Templates in the Notebook. Templates are pre-formatted notebook entries that students can work off. This allows teachers a way to guide students through lessons and structure their instruction more easily.
  • External File Storage
    External File Storage
    Link all your favorite cloud storage platforms to Benchling including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box. Drag-and-drop files from these platforms directly into the Notebook and preview data files, assignments, or protocols.

If your school or university is interested in premium features (like single sign-on or audit trails) for the data all students and researchers generate, check out Benchling for Institutions.

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