Intelligence to power your R&D

Build and share dashboards and reports, track metrics, and answer questions from your data in Insights.

Give scientists, managers, and executives the answers they need

Operational insights

Dive deeper into resource allocations, processes, and usage to enhance program management, gauge team productivity, and optimize workflows.

Scientific insights

Analyze your data to understand and compare results within, or across, experiments. Leverage these insights to make more informed decisions critical to your R&D pipeline.

Administrative insights

Get a real-time understanding of how Benchling is being used across resources, programs, and teams, and actively understand the level of compliance to existing company regulatory policies around documentation and approvals.

SQL Warehouse

Benchling’s innovative SQL Warehouse gives you unprecedented access to your R&D data. By centralizing, standardizing, and cleaning the data your organization is producing, the Warehouse makes it easier than ever before to extract your data and answer new questions.

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    Data across all your Benchling applications in one place

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    Standardized data model makes extraction easier than ever before.

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    Access controls flow from the applications to the Warehouse through row-level security.

"As a company at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy, Jounce is making valuable scientific discoveries to develop novel therapeutics. Benchling Insights will empower us to mine our data and allow us to answer complex scientific questions across multiple projects and labs. With the added power of Insights, Benchling continues to help us get higher-quality therapeutics to the clinic faster."
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Todd RoweAssociate Director Research Informatics, Jounce Therapeutics

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