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for Institutions

Protect your scientific IP and maintain high standards for data integrity while empowering your scientists.
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A secure data management platform for all biologists at your institution

Tracking and protecting your discoveries is challenging, but not tracking and protecting them is risky. Benchling is built to capture the complexity of your biological research and protect your IP. With Benchling for Institutions, drive the creation of higher-quality data across all of your institution's biological and biomedical labs and give scientists the tools they need to accelerate their research.
  • Replace scattered data sources with a centralized platform

    • Replace paper, desktop-based tools, and disconnected software with a single source of truth.
    • With unified Notebook, Registry, Inventory, and Molecular Biology applications, Benchling models the full complexity of biological entities and research process – from DNA sequences to experimental notes and results.
  • Ensure data integrity and improve collaboration institution-wide

    • Benchling users record data 85% faster than scientists using paper notebooks or legacy tools, and they make fewer errors.
    • Search and reference data generated today or years ago. Maintain research continuity, even as lab members come and go.
  • Trace the history of your data with confidence

    • With automatic backups, maintain copies of all experimental notes and data.
    • Access a timestamped history of all user actions performed on data that belongs to your lab or institution.
  • Protect your IP with enterprise-grade security

    • Ensure that individual scientists and entire labs join your Benchling institution with Single Sign-On.
    • Automatically save the information you need to file patents and manage technology transfer faster.

Benchling for Institutions includes…

  • Applications

    • Notebook
    • Molecular Biology
    • Registry
    • Inventory
  • Data Management and Compliance for Institution Admins

    • SAML Single Sign-On
    • Weekly Export Service
    • Audit Trails
  • Advanced Features for Scientists

    • Benchling Sync (Open attachments in their desktop applications and automatically sync edits to your Notebook)
    • Collaborative Projects and Organizations
    • Increased Storage Capacity
  • Comprehensive Implementation and Onboarding

    • Setup and Trainings for Administrators
    • Trainings for PIs
    • Webinars for Scientists

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Scientists love using Benchling

  • Benchling users generate more accurate and reproducible data, preserve legacy knowledge, and collaborate faster
  • Intuitive, cloud-based interface enables scientists to access real-time data anywhere
  • Integrated Notebook, Registry, Inventory, and Molecular Biology applications, including over 10 sequence design and analysis tools, so you can directly reference sequences in Notebook entries
  • Over 145,000 academics around the world already use Benchling