A digital window into your physical lab

Inventory gives you lab inventory management intelligently connected with your R&D data.
Lab inventory management software natively unified with your life science cloud
Optimize space usage and never lose track of a sample again

Benchling offers custom inventory structures, barcode integration, and location tracking so you don't have to spend time hunting for samples.

Connect physical samples to their experimental context

Interconnect your samples, experimental results, and metadata to identify promising candidates. Submit assay requests directly from input samples.

Automate location tracking to ensure data integrity

By integrating with instruments such as plate readers and barcode scanners, Benchling automatically keeps samples up to date.

"With Benchling, it's so much faster and easier to find the information that you want, and share information even in real time. Series of experiments go faster, program timelines go faster, and it shortens the timelines for the development of our therapeutics."
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Cherylene PlewaAssociate Vice President of Molecular Biology & CARs, Agenus

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