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Benchling Notebook is more than an ELN.

Reduce time to data entry by 85% with the first cloud-based notebook built for modern life science.
Electronic lab notebook

The most user-friendly Notebook in the industry

  • Unprecedented adoption

    Unlike other electronic laboratory notebook software, the Benchling Notebook is built to be as usable as consumer software.

  • Improve productivity and data integrity

    Directly populate Notebook entries with results from instrument runs. Link that data to samples in your Registry. Read more about Integrations and APIs.

  • Enable traceability and reproducibility

    By bidirectionally linking to other entries, samples, and other Benchling data, you can see the complete, interconnected history of any Notebook entry.

Benchling Electronic lab notebook

All-in-one productivity suite

  • Edit file attachments from within the Benchling interface
  • Build Excel-like tables within Notebook entries
  • Auto-populate your calendar with Notebook entries
  • Manage tasks through to-do lists
  • Drag-and-drop any file type into Benchling
Unified ELN workspace

Unified data capture across applications

  • Register entities and manage inventory directly from Notebook entries
  • Structured results capture within unstructured Notebook interface
  • Update samples with results data directly from Notebook entries
  • Automatically populate tables in entries with data from instrument runs
Benchling Fill-In Template Capability

Entry standardization

  • Create flexible and editable templates to rapidly evolve during Discovery
  • Create lockable entries that define, document and lock down key processes when moving into Early Development
  • Streamline testing procedures
ELN entry compliance

Entry compliance

  • Structure custom witnessing and review processes with electronic signatures
  • Built for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Audit trails record the review process step-by-step
  • Automatic version history without need for manual saving
Collaborative electronic lab notebook

Collaboration and cross-learning

  • Bidirectionally link to any other Benchling file within entries
  • @-mention other Benchling users to notify them of your entry
  • Co-author Notebook entries with any chosen collaborators 

"For our strain engineering workflow, Benchling has been able to provide an all-in-one environment where we can easily gather day-to-day experiment data in the Notebook and then, make meaningful connections to relevant items in the Registry."

Jay Konieczka
Co-Founder and COO

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