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Benchling Notebook is more than an ELN.

Reduce time to data entry by 85% with the first cloud-based notebook built for modern life science.

The most user-friendly Notebook in the industry

  • Unprecedented adoption

    Unlike other electronic laboratory notebook software, the Benchling Notebook is built to be as usable as consumer software.

  • Improve productivity and data integrity

    Directly populate Notebook entries with results from instrument runs. Link that data to samples in your Registry. Read more about Integrations and APIs.

  • Enable traceability and reproducibility

    By bidirectionally linking to other entries, samples, and other Benchling data, you can see the complete, interconnected history of any Notebook entry.

All-in-one productivity suite

  • Edit file attachments from within the Benchling interface
  • Build Excel-like tables within Notebook entries
  • Auto-populate your calendar with Notebook entries
  • Manage tasks through to-do lists
  • Drag-and-drop any file type into Benchling

Unified data capture across applications

  • Register entities and manage inventory directly from Notebook entries
  • Structured results capture within unstructured Notebook interface
  • Update samples with results data directly from Notebook entries
  • Automatically populate tables in entries with data from instrument runs

Entry standardization

  • Templated entries can be shared between team-members
  • Use data tables with pre-defined fields to standardize entries
  • Enforce review criteria that ensure completeness before entry can be approved
  • Tag and register entries to standardize categorization and streamline search

Entry compliance

  • Structure custom witnessing and review processes with electronic signatures
  • Built for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Audit trails record the review process step-by-step
  • Automatic version history without need for manual saving

Collaboration and cross-learning

  • Bidirectionally link to any other Benchling file within entries
  • @-mention other Benchling users to notify them of your entry
  • Co-author Notebook entries with any chosen collaborators 

"For our strain engineering workflow, Benchling has been able to provide an all-in-one environment where we can easily gather day-to-day experiment data in the Notebook and then, make meaningful connections to relevant items in the Registry."

Jay Konieczka
Co-Founder and COO

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