Adapting Lab Courses for Virtual Learning on Benchling

A practical guide for instructors.

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Potential Modules for a Virtual Lab Course

While we’ve provided four actionable ideas, there are many other ways Benchling could be incorporated into a virtual lab course. We’ve provided a list of course modules that are commonly taught in molecular biology labs and are also well-supported by Benchling. Topics that have already been described are in bold.

  • How to Use an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

  • In Silico Analysis of DNA and Protein Sequences

  • Science Basics and Literacy

  • Gibson

  • Golden Gate

  • Basic Molecular Biology Techniques

  • The Basics of Primer Design and PCR

  • Gel Electrophoresis

  • Advanced Molecular Biology Techniques

  • CRISPR Guide RNA Design

  • Bacterial Transformation

  • Mammalian Transfection

  • Restriction

  • Peptide/Protein Analysis

  • Codon Optimization

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