Model anything, track everything

Model and track scientific data for all molecules — biomolecules, small molecules, cell lines, animals, reagents, and more — in one location.

Build a digital, F.A.I.R. foundation for all your R&D data

Model biomolecules, and small molecules — without a single line of code

Model a broad range of molecules, including proteins, bioconjugates, small molecules, and nucleotides with metadata fields to cater to your scientific needs. Configure and adjust entity and data types with a simple, point-and-click interface.

Capture and interrogate the lineage of all molecules to reveal new insights

Map relationships between all your entities: DNA, plasmids, cell lines, and proteins. Record the lineage of all your biological and chemical entities and enforce uniqueness constraints so you never register twice.

Centralize and easily share sample and experiment data in context

Link all relevant results, notebook entries, and entities to the corresponding biomolecule of interest, so that you can get a 360 degree view of the sample. Share complete, high- integrity data to easily collaborate with your partners.

“Benchling gives transparency across the company. Because everything is in one place, our scientists don't have to jump from system to system. They can quickly get all the details and all the data associated with any construct or experiment."
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Vipin SuriVice President of Discovery, Obsidian

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