Accelerate Your Next Cell Therapy Breakthrough with the Benchling R&D Cloud

This solution brief outlines the critical attributes required for an informatics platform to support cell therapy R&D and highlights how leading companies discover and develop breakthrough cell therapies using Benchling.


Cell therapies are shifting the paradigm of treatment for a wide range of unmet medical needs. While cell therapies hold significant promise, certain challenges need to be addressed before these treatments can achieve broader clinical utilization. New scientific methods, process technologies and collaboration models are being explored to overcome these challenges. But to leverage these new developments, a modern R&D software solution is required to model the underlying science, maintain traceability of the donor material throughout the workflow, manage provide a foundation for inter-team collaboration, and generate actionable insights to bring the best products into the clinic.

This solution brief outlines:

  • The need for a modern purpose-built informatics solution for cell therapy R&D

  • Introduces Benchling’s solution for cell therapy research and development

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