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Anagenex: Teaming up with a trailblazer to develop next-gen drug discovery

Make drug discovery faster and more efficient by laying a solid data foundation to fuse DEL and ML technology

Anagenex is a drug discovery company combining DNA encoded library (DEL) technology with machine learning (ML) to achieve their vision of finding a drug candidate for every disease cheaply and quickly. Their goal is to replace the traditionally time- and labor-intensive portion of drug discovery with this fast and powerful approach based on combinatorial chemistry and artificial intelligence.


# of employees: 1-10

Industry: Small Molecule, Biopharma

Location: Bay Area, CA


Edge Use Cases
Treating DNA sequencing readouts as an intermediary step to understanding the molecule of interest is an atypical use case, creating an additional layer of complexity.

Batch Effect Identification
It was difficult to accurately classify biologically relevant effects vs. batch effects in new areas of ML usage.

Scalable Solution
Anagenex needed a robust solution that could start tracking from the very first experiments and scale quickly as the company grows.

  • 100%
    of scientists agree that Benchling has helped connect bench and ML work together
  • 50%
    decrease in time spent on data entry and cleanup
  • 200%
    estimated increase in speed due to starting with a robust data infrastructure
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