White paper

Benchling & AstraZeneca

It takes 10 years and millions to sometimes billions of dollars for most new drugs to make it to market. To meet the needs of drug development patients, companies, and clinical trial sponsors, biotech teams must find ways to speed up drug discovery. One of the earliest ways? DNA construct generation. Download the white paper to learn how AstraZeneca developed a comprehensive DNA assembly framework, and how they integrated it with Benchling to support rapid, cost-efficient, and scalable construct generation.
Get insights into how AstraZeneca:
  • Decreased end-to-end DNA construction process by ~1-4 weeks from initial request to sequence-validated plasmid

  • Achieved a 50-90% reduction in costs to complete DNA synthesis and sequencing with fragment recycling 

  • Integrated FRAGLER — an algorithm for fragment recycling — with Benchling to unleash the potential of a fully automated pipeline

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