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Benchling Bioresearch: Plan, capture, and share research in software that scientists want to use

Are your research teams looking for ways to centralize data, design novel biomolecules, and increase speed, coordination and throughput?

Still relying on legacy electronic lab notebooks and LIMS software, spreadsheets, and point solutions to manage experimental data?

Learn how Benchling Bioresearch can help you:
  • Create a shared space to design and manage experiments, biological entities, workflows, and results end-to-end. It's easy to implement, configure, and maintain — all in a secure platform. 

  • Integrating into the larger digital ecosystem of laboratories giving scientists a central, modern interface to turn ideas and insights into product

  • Stay cutting edge on modern research with biologically aware capabilities that incorporate novel biomolecules

Join over 200,000 scientists using Benchling to power their biotech R&D

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