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Bolt Threads: Optimizing Biomaterials R&D with Data-Driven Insights

Using biology to create novel materials for a more sustainable future

Bolt Threads is a biomaterials company developing sustainable fabrics. Bolt’s Microsilk is a bioengineered fiber that replicates the properties of spider silk. Mylo is a leather-like material derived from mycelium cells. Bolt Threads aims to address global material waste with fabrics that consume fewer resources in production.


Number of employees: 51 – 250

Industry: Synthetic biology, Materials

Location: Emeryville, CA, USA


Replace data silos with a centralized informatics system to accelerate biomaterials R&D.


Difficulty accessing data across silos
Bolt used a multitude of silos to capture project data, scattering their records and clouding their ability to both find specific data and see that data in its larger context.

Inefficiency caused by difficult-to-use tools
Bolt’s legacy tools required time-intensive preparation to use, involved repetitive manual data entry, and made collaboration logistically challenging – all of which slowed progress and hindered efficiency.

Rigid software unable to scale with growing R&D
Bolt’s previous system of managing information was not flexible enough to handle the evolving nature of their R&D workflows and couldn’t keep pace with the rate of their scientists’ innovation.


A single, universal source of truth
Bolt’s data is now centralized entirely within Benchling, which provides their organization a universal source of truth for all experimental data across their R&D teams.

Streamlined project oversight
All of Bolt’s scientists and teams can collaboratively track and manage both individual tasks and overarching projects so that information handoffs are simplified, output can scale up, and multi-step development processes are more streamlined.

Rapid iteration to power innovation
Bolt and Benchling work together to implement, configure, and adapt Bolt’s R&D cloud as their established processes evolve and areas of research expand.

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