White paper

Measuring the Value of a Digital Transformation in Biopharma R&D

As speed and efficiency become more vital in the life sciences, and as data collection and management become more complex, comprehensive digitalization of R&D is not only helpful, but crucial to winning the race for the next cure. Implementing a modern system designed for complex science has the potential to significantly increase productivity, improve collaboration, enhance data integrity, and bolster scientific and operational decision-making.

 For many companies, however, questions about how to quantify these business impacts still remain. After delivering digital transformations to hundreds of customers, and helping many of them measure the impacts of these transformations, Benchling has developed a solid and repeatable framework. 

In this whitepaper, you’ll gain answers to:
  • Why digital transformation is a strategic priority that can deliver tangible business value

  • How to build a business case with a framework for assessing your digital maturity, defining business metrics, and measuring results 

  • What this looks like in practice with a real-world business example

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