Measuring the Value of a Digital Transformation in Biopharma R&D

This white paper provides a framework for assessing a biotech's digital maturity and developing personalized value metrics in order to measure the business impact of a digital informatics platform. This enables companies to not only experience the benefits of a digital transformation, but also be able to understand and articulate how this kind of platform can help you achieve your R&D objectives more quickly.


As speed and efficiency become more vital in the life sciences, and as data collection and management become more complex, comprehensive digitalization of R&D is not only helpful, but crucial to winning the race for the next cure. Legacy systems, including isolated and inflexible kinds of software, put a drain on progress by limiting knowledge transfer, siloing data, and wasting precious time on data management. Implementing a modern system designed for complex science has the potential to significantly increase productivity, improve collaboration, enhance data integrity, and bolster scientific and operational decision-making. However, for many companies, questions such as measuring associated operational improvements, positive impacts on the business goals still remain.

In this white paper, we'll provide answers to some of the questions above:

  • To measure the business value of a digital informatics platform, we present a solid and repeatable framework for assessing digital maturity and developing personalized value metrics

  • A real-world business example is presented to demonstrate the impact

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