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Zymergen: Integrating the Custom Solutions of a Technology Powerhouse

Partnering with nature to manufacture the building blocks of tomorrow

Zymergen is an industrial biotechnology company that engineers microbes to produce high-value commercial molecules. The company employs many custom software systems and algorithms that allow their scientists to push the boundaries of strain engineering.


Number of employees: 501 – 1000

Industry: Industrial Biotech, Synthetic Biology, Materials

Location: Emeryville, CA, USA


Difficulty finding data across multiple systems
With many siloed pieces of custom software, it was difficult for scientists to enter and extract data.

Challenging to share data & collaborate across different teams
Scientists in the strain optimization and fermentation & production teams couldn’t share complete experimental context.

Rigid software unable to scale with growing R&D
Zymergen’s disparate systems couldn’t scale with their rapidly growing company.


Integration Innovation
Zymergen uses Benchling as a central platform to unite their custom tools. Proprietary algorithms, instruments, and niche software all integrate into Benchling.

Complete Experiment Histories
From every plasmid to every fermentation run, Zymergen’s scientists view and share a complete, step-by-step data trail.

Organic Growth and Onboarding
Since starting with 10 Benchling users, Zymergen’s deployment has grown to over 140 users, with ongoing onboarding handled completely internally.

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