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for Startups

Set your company up for faster innovation and growth from day one. Benchling for Startups is an all-in-one data management, sequence design, and inventory tracking tool built – and priced – for early-stage life science R&D companies.
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Set your company up for success from day one

  • Get started quickly with our implementation experts
  • Record experiment data consistently
  • Collaborate on and share data when you need
  • Centrally store and harmonize sample and experiment data
  • Track the location and usage of samples and reagents
  • Support evolving teams and workflows

Benchling for Startups includes…

  • Applications

    • Notebook
    • Molecular Biology
    • Registry
    • Inventory
  • Advanced functionality

    • Notebook template creation
    • Experiment planning and file management
    • Entry submission and review
    • Bulk sequence design & analysis
    • Sample and reagent inventory management
    • Experiment data capture and aggregation
  • Hands-on Implementation

    • Get started quickly with tailored configuration and training services
Unified ELN workspace

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Applicants must…

  • Have no more than 50 full-time employees
  • Have no more than $25M in funding
  • Be new to a paid Benchling plan
  • Commit to at least one year of Benchling for Startups

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