Accelerate development cycles with centralized informatics

Bioprocess development is the key link that brings promising therapeutic candidates into products ready for the clinic. This webinar explores opportunities to accelerate process development cycles by rethinking traditional informatics approaches.
In this webinar you will:
  • Learn key considerations for process development informatics, such as data modeling, process data collection, automation, and platform interoperability

  • Understand Benchling's approach taken in building their end-to-end solution for Bioprocess teams

  • See a software demonstration that highlights ways to improve data integrity, enhance team collaboration, and establish complete process traceability

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Featured speakers

John Conway
Founder and Chief Visioneer at 20/15 Visioneers
Michael Schwartz
Product Marketing Manager, Development at Benchling
Andrew Mecca, PhD
Solutions Delivery Manager at Benchling
Justin De La Cruz, PhD
Solutions Consultant, Benchling at Benchling

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