Accelerate viral vector production with Benchling

Viral vectors are a critical tool for biopharma companies both in the lab and in the clinic. The teams that specialize in vector production are the linchpin of many R&D organizations, but they struggle with several key challenges, such as siloed and disconnected data, complex hand-offs between teams, and DNA design errors that cause bottlenecks and delays.
In this webinar, we provide:
  • An overview and live demonstration of the Benchling platform and how it’s used by leading biopharma organizations involved in viral vector production

  • Best practices to increase the efficiency of DNA design, centralize and optimize production processes, and streamline data and sample handoffs

  • A fireside chat with Nikita Lim, Process Development Engineer at a leading gene therapy company, about how she’s worked with Benchling to bring her viral vector production into a class all its own

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Hosted by

Nikita Lim
Process Development Engineer at Audentes Therapeutics
Prem Mohanty
Product Marketing at Benchling
Zev Wisotsky
Scientific Solutions Consultant at Benchling