What's New at Benchling, Americas

In this 60 minute webinar including live Q&A, we introduced new offerings that extend and strengthen our commitment to customer success:

Solution Accelerators - pre-built implementation templates based on thousands of successful deliveries in cell therapy, gene therapy, antibodies, and more

Benchling Learning Labs - an exciting new training platform for our customers and partners

Success Packages - comprehensive Success services that drive exceptional outcomes on Benchling

Benchling Partner Program - ensures our customers can choose from multiple certified partners with consistent, high-quality outcomes

Plus new product capabilities that enhance scientific collaboration and compliance:
  • Live Edit enables users to work collaboratively across the Benchling Notebook with full visibility into who is working on an entry and what changes are being made.

  • Sub-templates facilitate reusable components for commonly-performed actions – such as using structuring tables or creating optional steps in procedures – saving time and driving consistent data collection.

  • Reviews adds new capabilities to specify the number and order of colleagues to review entries, helping teams ensure data quality and compliance.

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Featured speakers

Shawna Wolverton
Chief Product Officer at Benchling
Rick Wright
Chief Customer Officer at Benchling
Sean McCormack
Global Head of Optimization Services at Benchling
Niall Wall
Head of Partners and Alliances at Benchling
Claire Wiggin
Field Operations Leader at Benchling
Brent Mosher
Head of Solutions Consulting at Benchling
Wendy Ochoa
Solutions Excellence Manager at Benchling

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