Biotech X Benchling 2022 year in review

Let’s reflect together on the dazzling scientific accomplishments and advances in technology that happened in 2022. Because even in the face of increased turbulence, progress in biotech and technology has been profound. We’ll share stories of breakthroughs, and talk about updates on new advanced tools available to make that work easier and faster. Let’s celebrate this dedication and perseverance!

In this webinar, we reflected on:
  • How RNA went from backstage modality to star

  • Cutting edge biomolecules advancing into development and manufacturing

  • New collaborative ways of working across sites, teams, and partners

  • Benchling capabilities released for customers to take advantage of

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Hosted by

Shawna Wolverton
Chief Product Officer at Benchling
Sean McCormack
Global Head of Optimization Services at Benchling
Kate Quigley
Product Marketing Lead at Benchling
Wendy Ochoa
Solutions Excellence Manager at Benchling

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