Cell and gene therapy: Unified digital solutions for R&D

Thanks to cell and gene therapies, diseases considered untreatable a few years ago, now have treatment options that not only manage clinical symptoms but can be curative. The R&D process of such novel therapies, however, involves novel complexities, which require software solutions that are tailored to constantly evolving, cutting-edge approaches. R&D scientists and their IT partners must work together to establish a digital foundation that models their science accurately, provides complete traceability throughout the R&D process, and makes data easily accessible for actionable insights.

In this session of Learning Labs, we talk to David Kugler, PhD, Vice President and Head of Immunology at Cartography Biosciences, and Zachary Reinert, PhD, Scientific Solution Consultant at Benchling, about how you can set up your cell and gene therapy R&D for success with data and software strategies aligned with the complexity of these exciting new areas of science.

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David Kugler
Cell and gene therapy: unified digital solutions for R&D at Cartography Biosciences
Zach Reinert, PhD
Scientific Solutions Consultant at Benchling

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