Founder-led biotech: How 9 months abroad helped David Nelles found his second biotech startup

For our second episode, we’ve invited David Nelles, previous co-founder of Locanabio and current co-founder, CEO, and Chief Scientist of Tacit Therapeutics.
Hear David talk about:
  • His experience founding his first company as a post doc, and his second from what he calls “the wilderness”

  • Why finding a co-founder is like dating and why his first hire was a PhD and his second hire was a robot

  • Why founder-led biotech startups are empowering more graduates than ever to start companies

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David Nelles
CEO, Co-founder at Stealth Biotherapeutics

During graduate school, David pioneered the use of CRISPR/Cas9 to target RNA in human cells, and coupled with his passion for building new technologies, went on to found Locanabio ($100 million Series B funding in 2020). While stranded in Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic, he conceived his latest venture, an RNA therapeutics startup based out of JLABS.

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