How life sciences R&D can upgrade to the cloud

Migrating to a cloud-based model is a scenario facing many life science companies today. Most know moving to the cloud confers competitive advantages that on-premise applications and private cloud solutions cannot, but many don't know where to start the transition.
In this webinar, we discuss:
  • Advice from Jounce Therapeutics on how they executed their migration from three separate systems to the cloud, all in under six months

  • The benefits of having data unified from research into development and manufacturing within a single, validated cloud solution

  • Lab of the Future case studies while learning about AWS infrastructure and security

  • How professional service partnerships can reduce duration, efforts, and change management risks, including validation and testing

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Hosted by

Nishant Neel
Regional Lead, Professional Services, Europe at Benchling
Ajay Mohindra, PhD
Senior Partner Solutions Architect at AWS
Todd Rowe
Assoc. Director of Research Informatics at Jounce Therapeutics, Inc.
Casey Kraft, PhD
Team Lead, Professional Services at Benchling

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