LINK Immunotherapeutics’ big swing at cancer

For our fourth episode, we sat down with Ashok Bandaranayake, the co-founder and VP of Immuno-Oncology at LINK Immunotherapeutics. As a spinout from Fred Hutch in Seattle, LINK’s goal is to create next-generation T-cell engaging therapies to enable durable patient responses.

Hear Ashok talk about:
  • How prioritizing strategic partnerships over VC funding can help you create a founder-led biotech startup

  • The mentors that helped him navigate spinning out a company from the Fred Hutch Cancer Center in Seattle

  • Why he thinks the most important part of an early startup is the team, and how they got that right

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Ashok Bandaranayake
Co-Founder LINK Immunotherapeutics at LINK Immunotherapeutics

With a PhD in immunology from the University of Washington, Ashok worked in the biotech industry for a few years, rising up to become the director of immunology and automation of the protein therapeutics program at the Fred Hutch before starting his own venture. Having built an experienced co-founding team and partnerships with Alexandria LaunchLabs and BMS, Ashok is ready to step up to the plate to progress their technology to the clinic as soon as next year.

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