Resetting R&D for AI

While AI is a hot topic in every industry, the massive potential for impact within biotech — from predictive insights to shortened development time — has resulted in companies racing to unlock the potential.

Join Benchling Co-Founder & President, Ashu Singhal and Ron Hause, SVP, Head of AI, Shape Therapeutics to learn how companies are updating their approach to R&D.

In this webinar we focus on:
  • AI-ready data: Improving at scale generation of high-quality data for model building and fine-tuning

  • AI-enabled scientist: Integrating the right models directly into scientist workflows for everyday use

  • Scalability: Making performance, speed, privacy, and cost tradeoffs for deployment of AI, and connecting the wet and dry labs

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Featured speakers

Ashu Singhal
Co-Founder at Benchling
Ron Hause
Senior Vice President, Head of AI at Shape Therapeutics

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