Sustainability in style: How Tammy Hsu grew her PhD project into a sustainable dye startup

For our third episode, it’s all about using genes to make jeans more sustainable. We’re joined by Tammy Hsu, CSO and co-founder of Huue whose mission is to develop more environmentally-friendly ways of creating colors, starting with indigo dye for denim.
Hear Tammy talk about:
  • Her experience transitioning her PhD research into a new company and signing a production partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks

  • Recruiting the “godfather of jeans” and the CTO of Bolt Threads as advisors and landing press coverage in Time, Fortune, and other top tier publications

  • The increasing demand for sustainability in the fashion industry, and the opportunity for biotech startups to fill this need

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Tammy Hsu
CSO and Co-Founder at Huue

Tammy first got the idea for Huue from a PhD project Tammy participated in at UC Berkeley. At first, it was hard for her to find a co-founder to build out this idea as most of her network was other grad students at the time. 4 years later, the female-led startup is blazing a trail at the unique intersection of fashion, sustainability, and science and is focused on growing their team and investing in company culture for long term success.