Unlock the promise of gene therapy and gene editing, featuring Verve Therapeutics

Gene therapy is at the forefront of curing severe and often debilitating genetic disorders. New technologies such as viral- and non-viral vectors, oncolytic viruses, and CRISPR are giving R&D teams more ways to innovate. Modern gene therapy requires investigation of a wide variety of genes of interest, engineering of delivery vectors, and optimization of vector production processes.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss why this paradigm shift necessitates a strong digital foundation to comprehensively characterize gene therapy candidates and bring the best products into the clinic. Verve Therapeutics will discuss how Benchling helps them improve collaboration and increase productivity throughout R&D.

Topics include:
  • Understand how Benchling can increase productivity, enable insights, and improve collaboration for gene therapy R&D teams

  • Learn how Verve Therapeutics is using Benchling to get life-changing gene therapies for cardiovascular disease to the clinic faster.

  • See a live demo showcasing how our gene therapy customers leverage the Benchling platform.

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Hosted by

Dr. Jamie DeNizio
Senior Scientist at Verve Therapeutics
Prem Mohanty
Product Marketing and Strategy at Benchling
Tom McCrory
Scientific Solutions Consultant at Benchling

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