What's New at Benchling, Americas

In this 60 minute webinar including live Q&A, we’re excited to introduce a brand new set of features, integrations, and updates to the Benchling platform.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Reduce time to milestone with an end-to-end process development platform

  • Ingest data from lab instruments and expand connectivity

  • Conduct all your molecular biology and in vivo work directly in Benchling

  • Get more done with AI

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Featured speakers

Shawna Wolverton
Chief Product Officer at Benchling
Lily Helfrich
Product Manager, Molecular Biology at Benchling
Prem Mohanty
Product Marketing at Benchling
Dane Pieri
Product Manager, Procedures at Benchling
Areef Jetha
Market Strategy Lead, Development at Benchling
Tina Arantes
Head of Scientific Modalities Product Management at Benchling

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