What's New at Benchling, Americas

Watch this webinar to learn about the latest Benchling product innovations that can accelerate your R&D. We’ll unveil two new products to fuel process development and manage scientific data end-to-end, plus introduce new capabilities for running efficient studies and automating your lab.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Increase R&D throughput and accuracy with Benchling Connect, a new product that provides native instrument connectivity and more accurate, end-to-end scientific data management.

  • Reduce time to milestone with Benchling Bioprocess, our new cloud-native solution for end-to-end process development that helps teams increase operational efficiency and simplify technology transfers into manufacturing.

  • Run consistent, reproducible studies in less time with all relevant entities, tasks, and entries in one place, plus data that’s primed for analysis.

  • Automate lab processes, improve data integrity, and keep experiments moving with more intelligent and easy-to-use workflows, conditional routing, and workflow looping.

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Featured speakers

Shawna Wolverton
Chief Product Officer at Benchling
Derek Halliday
Head of Product - Applications at Benchling
Nari Kang
Product Manager, Lab Automation at Benchling
Emma Glickman
Product Marketing Manager at Benchling
Vega Shah, PhD
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Benchling at Benchling

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