SLAS 2022: Automate your future with Benchling’s R&D Cloud

Kyrstin Lou Ward
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Biotechnology is shaping the world with novel medicines, healthy and environmentally-conscious foods, and materials for a sustainable future. In just the last few years alone, we’ve seen countless technological breakthroughs in biotech—from mRNA vaccines to animal free egg whites. To continue to accelerate the pace of innovation and bring breakthroughs from the lab to the world faster than ever before, R&D will need to leverage lab automation and software that can fully integrate with instrumentation and data management systems.

It’s no secret that life science is getting more complex, and the need for automation to streamline and simplify R&D at scale is more critical than ever. In other industries, automation transformed the ability to measure data, engineer systems, and orchestrate workflows and tasks. Now, there is an enormous potential to apply these learnings to biotech R&D.

Two years ago, we launched Benchling for Lab Automation at SLAS 2020, and since then the world has changed in unprecedented ways. The transformative power of biotechnology is more apparent than ever before. In order to support the growth of biotech R&D which faces increasing pressure to bring products to market faster, Benchling for Lab Automation has changed and grown in turn.

This year we made our return to in-person events to share Benchling for Lab Automation and showcase how it can integrate with laboratory hardware and software in order to increase experimental scale, accelerate time-to-milestone, improve data integrity, and offer insights to support data-driven decisions—all with a codeless, clickable interface. The conference brought together hundreds of scientists and technology leaders from across biotech R&D who were eager to learn about the latest trends in laboratory automation software and instrumentation. And they all had the shared goal of improving the efficiency of their R&D in order to bring their products into the hands of patients and consumers as quickly as possible.

Our mission is to make that goal a reality. From centralizing and standardizing data to automating processes and connecting tools to simplify the work, we help our customers work through the digital R&D maturity curve. As companies work around the clock to produce revolutionary therapeutics, foods, and materials, Benchling provides them with a trusted source of truth to power their full R&D life cycle.

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