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The benefits of custom with the ease of off-the-shelf

Configure and adjust workflows, permissions, and data types – without a single line of code.

UI-based configuration built for nimble R&D and IT teams

Benchling’s permissions, data types, and workflows can be configured and re-configured by designated administrators, without any code or vendor involvement necessary. With codeless configuration, Benchling adapts to your R&D processes, no matter how quickly they evolve.
  • Custom Workflows

    Configure custom workflows with trackable stages that can be delegated to teams. Designated users can model new workflows with a point-and-click interface. Learn more about Workflows and Requests.

  • Custom Permissions

    Structure permissions based on business criteria. For example, define access to data types based on a user’s role, team, function, or other user characteristic. You can also configure permissions to limit the data accessible by external collaborators.

  • Custom Entity Types and Relationships

    Model any entity in Benchling, from patient samples, to plasmids, to reagents. Require specific entity types to link to other entity types; for example, require that every expression plasmid have a link to the antibody that it expresses. Add and interlink new entities just as easily. Learn more about Registry.

  • Custom Fields

    In modeling any entity, you can specify any data you want to track about that entity; for example, track the purity of each lot of antibodies. You can also assign specific units to custom fields, or configure fields as dropdowns, multi-select picklists, and other structures. Fields can also be configured to automatically compute based on linked metadata.

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