TurtleTree Labs

Decreasing data management time by 41% to rapidly scale clean milk production

Quick, efficient scale-up of cell-based milk production

TurtleTree Labs’ mission is to shape the future for dairy milk and infant nutrition production by creating milk in the lab. The company uses a proprietary, cell-based biotechnology method to reproduce milk components, which is too complex to do through traditional fermentation-based techniques. With enough scale, TurtleTree will be able to achieve resource efficiency and increase access to healthier, safer, reliable, and higher quality dairy products for consumers around the world.



decrease in time spent on data management tasks


increase in quality of data describing research progress


scientists agree Benchling increases the speed of collaboration


Difficulty tracking processes with siloed tools

Company growth exposed the difficulty to track and optimize processes in the lab through spreadsheets and emails

Viewing comprehensive R&D progress

Without a centralized system for experimental data, the executive team couldn’t easily get an overview of research progress. This made it difficult to set new goals and timelines.

Collaborating across international sites

R&D teams distributed across global locations needed an easy way to share progress and results.

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