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A single system for request submission and fulfillment

Submit, manage, and complete requests faster and more accurately than ever before.

Standardize and optimize request management from forecasting through fulfillment

  • Forecast and plan for incoming tasks

    Dashboards display incoming tasks, required materials, and team members responsible.

  • Streamline request fulfillment with unified data

    Require requesters to specify particular input types and to link to registered entities and inventory.

  • Make request fulfillment seamless and transparent

    Notify requesters when outputs are ready, along with the outputs’ results and locations in the lab.

Request standardization

  • Build Requests templates with designated protocols
  • Specify each request’s requisite inputs from Registry and Inventory
  • Assign requests to the specific users and teams responsible

Fulfill Requests through:

  • Workflows: Structured, step-by-step processes
  • Notebook entries: Individual entries that detail the experimental context behind each request
  • Templates: Requests accompanied by entries with specific fields that must be filled out for completion

Triage and track requests

  • From one dashboard, prioritize and assign incoming requests
  • Batch similar requests to improve turnaround time
  • Build dynamic Requests dashboards and visualizations

“Benchling has helped a lot with our communication, because it's one site for all of our key information. It holds all of our sequence information, all of our data, and all of our experimental protocols.”

Tiffany Chen
Director of Discovery

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