Digital strategies to accelerate modern process development

Process development has evolved considerably to support the biopharma shift towards newer drug modalities and accelerated development pathways. But the software applications available to process development teams remain a siloed array of rigid point solutions, legacy ELN software and LIMS systems, custom integrations, and internally-built systems. All of these software applications contribute to siloed data, poor user experience, and high cost of ownership. A new digital approach is required for process teams to thrive in the modern era of biopharmaceutical development. In this session, you will learn key digital strategies to improve process design for cutting-edge therapies, plan better experiments, unify your process data, and simplify technology transfer.

Watch this webinar to:
  • Discuss challenges faced by process development teams.

  • Understand key digital strategies to improve process development.

  • Learn about the value unlocked from these digital strategies

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Featured speakers

Areef Jetha
Market Strategy Lead, Development at Benchling
Justin De La Cruz, PhD
Solutions Consultant, Benchling at Benchling

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