No VCs, no problem: Building oNKo-innate into a immuno-oncology innovator

For our first episode, we’re sitting down with a founder from down under, Jai Rautela, PhD, from oNKo-innate in Melbourne, Australia. oNKo-innate’s mission is to discover and develop the most effective strategies for enhancing the natural killer cell response to cancer, which led them to develop their unique screening technology - all while intentionally not taking on VC funding.
Hear Jai talk about:
  • How Jai broke down barriers between academia and entrepreneurship to blaze a path for future biotech founders

  • oNKo-innate’s approach to building a team of academics into a successful immuno-oncology innovation company

  • Jai's experiences building a company without VC support and how that influenced oNKo-innate’s funding and partnerships strategy

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Jai Rautela
Co-founder & CEO oNKo-innate at oNKo-innate

Having earned his Ph.D from University of Melbourne in immunotherapy and breast cancer. Dr. Jai Rautela defined his mission at oNKo-Innate as curator and supporter of one the highest performing biotech teams out there with the goal of delivering curative cancer therapies for all patients.

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