What's New at Benchling, Europe

Join us as we review a year of significant scientific achievements and technological advancements in 2023. We’ll recap this year’s Benchling product innovations and share some exciting new features we’re launching this quarter to accelerate your R&D.

In this webinar, we reflect on:
  • Increasing R&D throughput and accuracy with Benchling Connect, a new product that provides native instrument connectivity and more accurate, end-to-end scientific data management.

  • Reducing time to milestone with Benchling Bioprocess, our cloud-native solution coming soon for end-to-end process development that helps teams increase operational efficiency and simplify technology transfers into manufacturing.

  • Research tools to support cutting edge scientific modalities and provide visibility into the R&D lifecycle.

  • Benchling's continuous improvements to how teams standardize procedures and structure data to align with FAIR data principles.

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Featured speakers

Shawna Wolverton
Chief Product Officer at Benchling
Glenwood Barbee
Product Marketing Manager, Platform at Benchling
Ankita Dhar
Product Manager, Compliance Controls at Benchling
Emma Glickman
Product Marketing Manager at Benchling
Jean Louis Honeine
Technical Solutions Consultant at Benchling
Michel Riese
Scientific Solutions Consultant at Benchling
Michael Schwartz
Product Marketing Manager, Development at Benchling

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