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Process management for everything from early research to development

Organize any scientific workflow – from cell therapy to fermentation – into trackable stages. Test new variations to optimize your outputs.
Laboratory workflow management

Organize, optimize, and measure any R&D process

  • Organize and standardize your R&D processes

    Create Workflows templates that link to specific samples and protocols to standardize execution across your R&D organization.

  • Quickly iterate on and optimize your workflows

    Identify bottlenecks in your processes and test new process variations on the fly without the need for any coding.

  • Base your forecasting on historic workflow data

    Compare the outputs, speed, and efficiency of your processes to identify predictors of success and failure.

Standardized laboratory workflow management

Process standardization

  • Flexibly adjust process to support evolving research needs
  • Build Workflows templates to align process execution across your organization
  • Automatically track workflow versions
  • Capture results on a stage-by-stage basis
  • Coordinate process fulfillment across teams and collaborators
  • Standardize and contextualize processes across Research and Development phases with Benchling Validated Cloud
Experiment tracking in lab workflow management software

Experiment tracking and branching

  • Track the progress of any R&D process in real-time
  • Structure experiments with branches based on different inputs and conditions
  • Visualize experiment branching and sample lineage

User-friendly Notebook environment

  • Notebook environment for process entries
  • Templated Notebook entries standardize process creation and entry
  • Register new samples directly from process entries

Meta-analysis across studies

  • Use the Benchling SQL Warehouse to query data across processes
  • Integrate with third-party data visualization and analysis tools such as Tableau and SpotFire
  • Build custom dashboards to analyze processes across studies or programs

“Benchling has allowed the fermentation team to capture live process data in one single platform. This has improved our efficiency and provided the team with transparency on high quality data. With Benchling, we’re able to keep better track of data across departments, which we can export and analyze using data visualization tools. The possibilities are endless!”

Diana Eng
Fermentation Process Development Scientist

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