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R&D that is collaborative
by design

Drive R&D efficiency with orchestrated process management
Benchling Workflows

Empower teams from discovery through development with task management, sample traceability, and process intelligence

  • Increase Productivity

    Reduce time spent on redundant and tedious tasks, like re-running experiments and transferring data between systems, and focus instead on high-value work.

  • Improve Collaboration

    Centralize project management for individuals within teams and simplify handoffs of data and processes across organizations.

  • Orchestrate Processes

    Organize and streamline interdependent work — including with integrated instruments — in order to accelerate time-to-milestones.

Scientifically-aware project management

Scientifically aware project management

  • Establish queue of tasks and assign to specific roles to complete with target completion dates
  • Create a menu of interdependent activity that can be managed cohesively
  • Track the progress of teamwork in real-time from the big picture down to specific task status
  • Use conditional parameters to move sample and parameter data into sequential steps automatically
Optimize processes with Benchling Workflows

Optimized processes

  • Standardize similar efforts to reduce activity churn
  • Automate tasks at scale
  • Manage repeatable activities that require controlled execution using locked down templates
  • Integrate lab instruments and add instrument-related tasks to queues
  • Generate operational data; identify and resolve frequent operational bottlenecks
  • Establish high-quality data for creating regulatory filing packages
Operational and scientific insights

Operational and scientific insights

  • Capture experimental, sample, and process results; collate results for deeper insights
  • Provide forecasting and timelines to managers whenever needed
  • Visualize key performance indicators including uptime/downtime, error rates, and program velocity
  • Generate structured data for machine learning to unlock operational insights

“Benchling facilitates partnership over the long term between various teams at Syngenta by helping us to think through the processes that we're performing and capture the outcome of those processes in a standard way.”

B.J. Carey
Knowledge Management Lead - Scientific Data

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