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Benchling was built for modern research

Benchling's intuitive, user-friendly platform ensures that academic science isn't held back by outdated and disconnected tools. With Benchling, individual scientists and entire laboratories can capitalize on their scientific potential. Best of all, the core platform is free for academics.
  • Intuitive tools to advance your science

    Benchling was built to be as user-friendly as consumer software. Spend less time taking notes by hand and hunting for data, and more time developing scientific questions, carrying out experiments, and making discoveries.
  • Integrate your lab notebook with sequence analysis

    Store your sequences on the same platform where you store the rest of your data. In Benchling, your tools for sequence design and analysis are seamlessly integrated with your protocols, observations, and experimental results.
  • Protect data integrity and accuracy

    Prevent the loss of laboratory knowledge and preserve research continuity with Benchling's cloud-based platform. Your data is automatically backed up to the cloud, timestamped, and easily accessible to you and your labmates.
  • Streamline organization and collaboration

    Save time by logically structuring your notes, standardizing data management across your laboratory, and searching for data — yours or your collaborators' — all in one place.

A unified platform of user-friendly tools

  • Notebook
  • Molecular Biology
  • Primer Design
  • Alignments

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