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A place to share COVID-19 resources with the scientific community

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, the world is looking to the scientific community for help. We know that scientists everywhere are mobilizing to characterize the virus, to replicate and study it in lab, to perform testing and analyze results, to develop next-gen diagnostics, and to quickly develop vaccines and antiviral treatments.

To support these efforts, we have set up a COVID-19 resources webpage that points to sequences, protocols, and other work that has been shared by scientists for public use. Our hope is that these resources will be beneficial to the greater scientific community, especially to scientists who are actively addressing this challenge.

We are accepting submissions from scientists and will be updating the page regularly. You may share data in Benchling — protocols, sequences, experimental results. You may also share an existing resource with us — a pre-print, a published protocol. Please find instructions for contributing below.

To the extent that we can, we want to help do our part in making data accessible to more people in this fight. We are just as committed now, as ever, to helping scientists collaborate, and we know that joint efforts from academic and industry scientists around the world are going to help us get through this crisis.

We’re grateful to everyone fighting COVID-19 for all of their hard and important work, and we hope you stay safe and healthy.

Access the resources webpage

Send us a submission

If you would like to share data in Benchling, we ask that you do the following:

  1. If you don’t already have a Benchling account, create a free accounton our academic product. Then, create a public projectand add your data to that project, so it can be easily accessed by other scientists.

  2. To ensure that other members of the community know where the data was generated, clearly label your project and all associated files with information like your name, your lab, and your email address. Please read these guidelinesfor more detail.

  3. Submit this formwith a link and a description of your public project.

Alternatively, if you have already published or shared resources elsewhere, please feel free to email us with a link to and a description of your work.