Announcing Two New Editions to Accelerate Life Science Innovation: Benchling for Institutions and Benchling for Startups

Roger Pellegrini

At Benchling, it’s been our mission since day one to accelerate the pace of life science with software that meets the needs of research. Today, we’re thrilled to announce Benchling for Institutions and Benchling for Startups, two new Benchling editions designed to advance major scientific discoveries where they happen most: research institutions, universities, medical centers, and innovative biotech startups.

Research institutions have become the main source of major breakthroughs in scientific techniques, such as the discovery of CRISPR and the basis for next-generation sequencing. Biotech startups, meanwhile, are at the forefront of applying these techniques to develop life-changing products. In fact, 42% of FDA-approved drugs originated in startups or academia, and 80% of major classes of drugs are based on academic or publicly-funded discoveries.

New Software Offerings for Research Institutions and Biotech Startups

With Benchling for Institutions and Benchling for Startups, academic and research institutions and biotech startups can accelerate the pace at which they develop scientific breakthroughs, while minimizing time-consuming, antiquated processes.

  • Benchling for Institutionsis a data management solution that enables research organizations, universities, and medical centers to offer Benchling to their research staff, delivering more efficient collaboration and empowering thousands of researchers to accelerate discovery. With Benchling, institutions can systematically protect and manage their intellectual property by centralizing recordkeeping, data tracking, and administration.

Benchling for Institutions

  • Benchling for Startupsoffers software applications from the Benchling platform for any early-stage life sciences research company at a dramatically reduced cost. Emerging biotech startups, from industrial biotech to drug discovery, can embrace good data management practices, ensure regulatory compliance, and back up pivotal early business decisions with data, all with the flexibility to scale their deployment as their company grows.

Benchling for Startups

Since our founding in 2012, we've accelerated research for over 175,000 scientists at over 1,000 institutions worldwide, including leading labs at top universities. We've also had the chance to be a trusted partner to hundreds of biotech startups. As they emerge from academia and grow their businesses, these startups rely on Benchling's domain expertise in life sciences and software to set them up for success. We're thrilled to expand the products we offer to institutions and startups and to further support their life science innovations.

These two new editions complement our other packages: Benchling for Academics (our free offering designed for individual scientists and labs), Benchling Professional (for fast-growing companies looking to add scale and process efficiency), and Benchling Enterprise (for large-scale R&D operations).

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