Bringing the R&D Cloud to Biotech: Benchling named to Forbes Cloud 100 list


Today, Benchling was named to The Forbes Cloud 100, which recognizes the most innovative and valuable private companies in cloud technology. We’re honored to be recognized with this award for the third time alongside some of the world’s biggest cloud pioneers. It’s validation of the work that we’re doing.

Biotech needs a cloud of its own

Our mission is to unlock the power of biotechnology. Our customers — more than 900 biotechs of all sizes across biopharma, agriculture, industrial biotech, and consumer packaged goods — bring new innovations to market every day that are improving people’s lives and our planet.

Yet, despite working on the most innovative (and sometimes life-saving) products, biotech R&D has been one of the last industries to get modern software to meet its needs.

We hear every day from our customers who are faced with the same challenges: increasing complexity of science is making the work of R&D teams even harder, the explosion of data that is living in siloed, disconnected systems, and the need for better tools to collaborate and improve handoffs across teams.

That’s why Benchling was founded just over a decade ago. Benchling is a modern platform for modern science. Our R&D Cloud is a central source of truth for biotech R&D that enables scientists to modernize and digitize their scientific processes — ultimately bringing products to market faster than ever.

Our commitment

What makes this award win so special is that just like our customers, we’re an R&D organization too. Being recognized for our innovation means that others appreciate the importance of our mission too. Making our customers successful with Benchling is our top priority, so we’re continually meeting with them to understand their challenges — what new scientific areas they’re investing in, what new capabilities they need to partner across teams within and outside their organizations, and how Benchling can help them grow.

From the introduction of category-leading products such as our Molecular Biology in 2013, to our Notebook application in 2015, to Registry and Inventory in 2018, we are committed to serving our customers current and evolving needs. And our pace of innovation continues to accelerate to include deeper, richer capabilities that empower our customers to focus on their cutting-edge science, not their software.

Product Timeline v3

The best is yet to come

It’s amazing to think of the progress that has been made over the last decade. In the last five years alone, we saw the first gene therapy approved, the first cell therapy approved, the first in-human trial of a CRISPR gene editing medicine, and of course, the first dose of an mRNA vaccine.

Our customers are innovating at incredible speeds to address humanity’s most pressing problems. Just look at Absci's next-generation medicines, Bolt Threads' sustainable biomaterials, or Oobli's plant-based sweetener, to name a few.

There’s never been a more inspiring time to be in biotech. We’re honored to receive this award and proud to support the companies and R&D teams that are building a brighter future.

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