The EVERY Company (Formerly Clara Foods) Uses Fermentation Science to Cultivate Animal Proteins, Without the Animal

Kyrstin Lou Ward

Future foods are providing compelling alternatives to animal products through fermentation science. Strain engineering and microbial fermentation technologies allow scientists to pursue radical new ideas, support the founding of innovative, fledgling life science companies, and enable existing organizations to expand the breadth of their products. All of these endeavors are leading us to a new way to conceptualize and cultivate our food.

As a result, fermentation science is exploding in complexity — and creating new R&D challenges for the companies that use it. Clara Foods is one such company. They develop animal proteins – without the animal – in order to create delicious foods, all while reducing cost and waste. In this webinar, Clara Foods discusses how they harness unified data, standardized processes, and collaboration to accelerate their R&D with Benchling.

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