Jounce Therapeutics, Inc.

Migrating to an all-in-one cloud solution saves time on data management

Support R&D with a single platform that tracks all characterization data for a given sample from concept to clinic.

A pioneer of precision immunotherapies for cancer, Jounce Therapeutics uses a number of different analytics techniques to identify biomarkers in the tumor microenvironment (TME) that can help them match their drug candidates with the right patients.



of unique biologics and 100,000s of containers were imported from legacy systems into Benchling, centralizing all data on a single platform


adoption rate among licensed users at Jounce


scientist satisfaction rating with Benchling


Valuable time wasted on busywork and maintaining software integrations

Wet lab and informatics groups lost time transferring files and copying/pasting data across their multiple software platforms. The informatics group also spent valuable time maintaining and connecting their multiple software ‘solutions’.

Difficulty finding data across multiple systems

Critical data was stored in multiple software applications across different servers, complicating report generation, insight generation, and regulatory compliance.

Too many software logins and trainings

The friction of multiple logins and the need for specific training on how to best use each different software platform frustrated scientists and impacted productivity.

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