Harness the full potential of your laboratory hardware

With our lab automation software, seamlessly integrate with liquid handlers, plate readers, imaging instruments and more, in Benchling.

Informatics and instrumentation working together

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    Increase experimental scale

    Screen more samples with more assays in a shorter amount of time, increasing the likelihood of success.

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    Enhance productivity & speed to milestone

    Remove manual tasks, such as transferring or transcribing large quantities of data, from your workflow to increase scientist productivity and reach your milestones faster.

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    Access data driven insights

    By digitally integrating your end-to-end workflow across processes and instruments, uncover complete sample and process traceability and unlock experimental-level and program-level insights.

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    Improve data integrity

    Automatically sync data from robotic runs across all Benchling applications, removing the need for manual transcription and minimizing the chance of human error.

“As a digital biology company, Recursion is industrializing drug discovery with a high-throughput, high-content, data-centric approach, and harnessing automation is critical to our success. We are thrilled to partner with Benchling to enable flexible and seamless capture of standardized data across many scaled assays.”
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Mason VictorsChief Product Officer, Recursion

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