Harness the full potential of your laboratory hardware

With our lab automation software, seamlessly integrate with liquid handlers, plate readers, imaging instruments and more, in Benchling.

Informatics and instrumentation working together

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    Increase experimental scale

    Screen more samples with more assays in a shorter amount of time, increasing the likelihood of success.

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    Streamline productivity and speed to milestone

    Remove manual tasks, such as transferring or transcribing large quantities of data, from your workflow to enhance scientist productivity, improve data reproducibility, and reach milestones faster.

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    Access data-driven insights

    By digitally integrating your end-to-end workflow across processes and benchtop instruments, uncover complete sample and process traceability and unlock experimental-level and program-level insights.

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    Improve data integrity

    Automatically sync data or test results from robotic runs across all Benchling applications, to generate high-quality results while removing variability caused by performing manual tasks and minimizing the chance of human error.

“As a digital biology company, Recursion is industrializing drug discovery with a high-throughput, high-content, data-centric approach, and harnessing automation is critical to our success. We are thrilled to partner with Benchling to enable flexible and seamless capture of standardized data across many scaled assays.”
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Mason VictorsChief Product Officer, Recursion

Frequently Asked Questions

Lab automation is one of seven available modules that is part of the productivity hub that makes up Benchling’s LIMS connection platform. With Benchling’s lab automation, scientist can seamlessly integrate and connect their lab instrumentation with the recorded and registered data and results. With a unified platform, it provides a more streamline approach to generating, reporting and analyzing results and more importantly improving productivity and speed to milestones.

Life science and pre-clinical diagnostic R&D organizations are increasing their investments in lab instrumentation to streamline workflows and address the diversity of data being generated at an exponentially increasing pace. Software tools are enabling scientists to build a total lab automation solution to help improve data quality, boost reproducibility, and increase throughput to reach milestones sooner. The key benefit of lab automation is bridging the gap between informatics and instrumentation working together to make scientists more productive. As research deadlines become more compressed, the need to do more work in a shorter amount of time and more efficiently is critical.

Benchling’s lab automation was optimized to effectively integrate with a wide variety of instruments in Benchling software. Lab Automation works with liquid handlers and pipetting units, microplate readers, and centrifugation instruments. As part of Benchling’s unified platform that also includes the Inventory module, it can be used with bar coders and labeling systems to establish an automation system to monitor reagents and consumables as they are being used or consumed by the high-throughput instrumentation.

The Benchling platform and specifically Lab Automation module can be tailored to address the specific research and workflows unique to your lab. We offer comprehensive customer support as an option and will work directly with your scientific team to address your needs and optimize the software for productivity and functionality. Also, it is a highly secure digital solution to store your personal data. We have customers that optimize Lab Automation to integrate with their liquid handling workflows, sample preparation work, cell line development, RNA and nucleic acid studies, and even next-generation sequencing.

You can reach out to us at instruments@benchling.com.

Read this announcement to learn more about our initiative to standardize instrument data conversation in the scientific community (as part of the Allotrope Foundation Partner Network).

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