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The Life Sciences
R&D Cloud

Cutting-edge science deserves
cutting-edge software.

The Benchling Difference

  • A fully unified platform to centralize and standardize all R&D data

    • Track every workflow, sample, and result from start to finish in one place.
    • Give every team the full experimental history of everything upstream and downstream.
    • Automatically interlink related data, such as samples, results, and experimental conditions.
    • Improve tech transfer between Research and Development phases with Benchling Validated Cloud.
    • Easily export all data to file for IND in days, not months.
  • Built for the complexity of large molecules and large molecule R&D processes

    • Model and interlink anything, from sequences, to cell lines, to reagents.
    • Model any experimental process as a digital, step-by-step workflow.
    • Generate reports based on the samples and results that your workflows produce.
  • Benchling’s flexibility enables you to rapidly iterate on R&D workflows

    • Design and track workflows with complex cross-team handoffs.
    • Quickly apply learnings and iterate on processes with codeless configuration.
    • Develop your scientific platform more quickly by optimizing your processes.
  • Modern software platform to power your IT innovation

    • Configure Benchling to meet your R&D needs without any code. Extend the platform with custom software.
    • Easily build custom analyses and dashboards to measure R&D performance.
    • REST APIs and webhooks allow you to seamlessly integrate Benchling with your instruments and other software.

An intuitive interface promotes unprecedented adoption

  • Increase adoption by 90% over legacy systems
  • Reduce time to data entry by 85%
  • Modern software design and development practices make Benchling as attractive as consumer software.

Maintained by the industry’s leading life science and software experts

  • Life science PhDs and experienced industry consultants
  • 99+% of Benchling clients renew their engagements each year
  • Our customer success team has worked with hundreds of cutting-edge life science companies in emerging research modalities.

The Life Sciences R&D Cloud

We offer R&D teams a suite of unified applications

Benchling’s applications are natively unified from the ground up. This means that users have a completely seamless experience, without the need to switch between distinct modules, and without the need to enter data more than once.

Built on a platform that’s easy to configure, integrate, and extend

Benchling combines the functionality of a custom solution with the ease of an off-the-shelf solution. Create custom dashboards to track any R&D data, adjust Benchling without code to adapt to your evolving needs, and integrate any instrument or software to automate manual data tasks.

Solutions fit for your research

The flexibility of the Benchling Platform and the deep domain expertise of our Customer Success team mean that Benchling can support R&D teams working in any life science modality.

Join over 300,000 scientists using
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